Class Photos 2014-2015

    Each Monday morning the students worked on different scrapbook pages. We've captured memories from the first week of school, all the way to the last Monday. In each scrapbook are the scrapbook pages, a monthly newspaper, and writing samples from throughout the year. It's amazing to see the growth in the students' writing, structure, and drawing. A big shout out to Mrs. Riquelme for assembling all of the books.

Super Kids Day!
    We had a blast! We started the day singing our classes "secret chant" and then put on our sparkly gold headbands! On Super Kids Day, the students selected a partner and ran around to different games that the fifth graders hosted. The kids use 110% of their energy, got their faces painted, and competed in many competitions. Way to go, Team Gold!

Lion, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!
    We couldn't have asked for better zoo weather! It started out cloudy and burned off by the end of our time. The kids were put in groups and roamed around the zoo. The animals had been really playful and active. When we returned from the zoo, the students were bubbling with excitement! I hope you get to go back to the zoo this summer. You now have a zoo expert in your family!

    You may not have know, but Room 28 actually is a science lab with 23 of the world's brightest inventors!! The inventors spent the week finding solutions to classroom problems. Their inventions incorporated simple machines: wheel, axle, ramp, lever, and pulley. Many of the inventions solved the age old problems of turning papers into baskets or getting sharp pencils without leaving your seat. I wish we had more time to create infomercials! 

Much of Munch 
    Edvard Munch was a serious artist. His work reflected his emotions and often were sad. We learned how to sculpt different emotions and the kids went to town! 

Up, Up and Away
    Our scientific voyage took us to a fifth grade classroom as we investigated pulleys! Mr. Godfrey demonstrated how the amount of force need to lift a load (bowling ball) lessens when more pulleys are used. We learned the amount of force decrease as the distance (amount of rope & pulleys) increases. Then we hurried back to Room 28 and set up fixed and movable pulleys all around the room!

Farewell to Dirt Babies
    The dirt babies were sent home with the students during conferences. The grass has grown tremendously, making the dirt babies hilarious to look at!

May Day
    The students spread May Day cheer in Sherwood! They made beautiful cards and wrote sweet notes. Mrs. Aldinger and the Howling Wolves choir handed out the cards at a retirement home. Room 28 students also spread cards around the school to staff members.

Art Literacy
    The students studied Henri Matisse. Matisse was once a layer who became ill and was in a wheelchair. When he became sick he decided to follow his passions and pursue art. The students used Matisse's technique of "cutting with scissors" to make beautiful pieces of art.

Sink or Float
    We used the scientific process as we conducted a lab about gravity. The students brainstormed the best way to make an "unsinkable" boat. They were given a piece of tinfoil and quickly got to work! The winning design held 152 paperclips. Over the summer you can repeat this lab by changing some of the variables: size of tinfoil, amount of folds permitted, amount of water, etc. 

Edy Ridge Carnival (and DUNK TANK!)
    On Friday we had a blast at the Royal Faire! The students were SO excited to dunk me into the dunk tank. It was a blast! A new tradition has begun for Miss Hamachek.

        The scientists assembled and conducted an experiment testing buoyancy and gravity. The students found the more water in the sinker, the more it sank!

Earth Day and Dirt Babies 
        The life science unit would not be complete without growing a plant! Each student planted grass seed in a nylon and designed a wonderful faces.

        We researched beetles for a week and learned all about their habitat, life cycle, and exoskeletons.

        Tangrams are ancient puzzles with seven pieces. The students made various shapes while studying congruent shapes and lines of symmetry. Can you guess what shapes they made?

Life Cycle
    We made diagrams of the stages of a bean's life. To fully understand the life cycle I taped their diagrams together, making a full circle... these quickly became the newest third grade fashion!

Probability and Fractions
    We had a spinner (pictured below) and I asked the students to estimate how often the hand would land on the soccer ball. Some guessed it would land on the soccer ball majority of the time, while other students argued it would land on the soccer ball one out of four times. We spun the hand 24 times and here are the results!

Pay To Dress Up
    The superheroes assembled in Room 28!! Flamingo Woman made her appearance, with her sidekick in hand. The students did a wonderful job raising money for a worthy cause.

It Takes A Wolf Pack
    Why did students in Room 28 dress up as superheros and twins? To support fellow Edy wolves and siblings. Don't forget to dress up the first week after Spring Break. We are Tony Strong, Liam Strong, and Emma Strong.

    How many cups fit in a gallon? How many pints fit in a quart? The third graders were eager to find out! They assembled flip books that showed how gallons, quarts, pints, and cups are related. Thank you to everyone who sent in containers to help the students understand the various sizes.

Art Literacy 
    The students' eyes sparkled as they learned about a monk who painted with pure gold! During Art Literacy the students used chalk and gold's close equivalent (aluminum foil) to create masterpieces.

    The students were ecstatic when we began our multiplication unit! They had heard of multiplication, but hadn't been formally taught yet. Three months have gone by and the students are confident in their new skills. Now we are beginning fractions. Last year the students were introduced to halves and quarters. In third grade we will look at equivalent fractions. Today we split up one unit (the circle on the geoboard) into many different sizes of fractions.

Portland Youth Philharmonic
    The third graders rode the bus to the city of Portland! We were on a trip to hear the youth philharmonic's beautiful music. The students squealed with excitement when they recognized some familiar tunes. Added bonus, we saw four police horses!

Early Bird Gets The Worm 
    I was driving to school the other morning and was amazed by the sunrise! I pulled over and snapped a picture. Every day I consider myself lucky to be teaching all of the kids in Room 28. They've made me laugh more times than I can count and they keep me motivated.

Read Across America  
    What better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss' 111th birthday than by having a reading party? The kids showed up to school in their pajamas and brought their favorite reading buddy (stuffed animal). We read special books, had tasty snacks and cuddled up with pillows, our favorite books, and our reading buddies. All in all, it was a blast!

Science Beakers   
    I've always thought of beakers as the glass containers used in science labs. The students and I were equally excited to make our very own 1 liter beakers out of soda pop bottles! Thank you to all the families who sent in bottles. The students carefully measured cups of 100 milliliters, poured each cup into the bottle, and marked the volume of the water. The students discovered that 1000 milliliters equals 1 liter. They also found that 1000 milliliters equals 10 x 100 milliliters! The simplicity of a soda bottle opened the door for hands-on learning!

Valentine's Party   
    Sometimes it's the small details that result in the biggest smiles! Our wonderful room parents put on a great Valentine's Day party for the kids. We played matching games with secret handshakes and ate delicious Valentine's themed snacks. After delivering all of the valentines to the beautiful and festive mailboxes, the students got to work gluing cards from their classmates into their very own scrapbooks. Stickers, glue and valentines covered the tables as laughter and music floated through the air.

Winter Choir Concert   
    The third graders practiced for months! The concert was beautiful as the students sang with their best singing voices and played the drums and the broomsticks. My favorite song was "The Cat Came Back".

Measuring Weight   
    The students measured weight and then found how many grams equal one kilogram. We put one kilogram of beams on the balance scale and the kids had to guess how much the rice would have to weigh to make the scale balance. You should have seen the amazed look on their faces as the balance scale began to... balance! 
                    Our discovery: one kilogram of beans weighs the same amount as one kilogram of rice!

Measuring Time   
    Our new math unit is focused on time and measurement. The students had multiple tasks to complete and each one was timed. The kids eagerly got to work and encouraged each other to focus and beat their own records. When we discussed our activity the class decided that time always moves at a constant speed. I asked the class why sometimes an hour speeds by and at other time an hour can't go by fast enough. One student said it perfectly, "time flies when your having fun!"

Marble Party    
    Room 28 has spent months earning a marble party! The kids met their goal and celebrated by having a pajama day and bingo party! The enthusiasm was high and the kids were ready to yell "BINGO". Great job, Room 28.

Junior Achievement    
    Over the next five weeks we will being doing a Junior Achievement program to continue studying communities. The students learned about zoning laws and placed their building in the appropriate city zone.

Artist in Residence: Fused Glass
    We learned the difference between fused glass, blown glass and stained glass! With our dynamic Artist in Residence, Lisa Wilcke, the kids began working on fused glass necklaces. We have two more sessions with Lisa and the kids are counting down the days until their next opportunity to work with glass.
Students cutting glass                                                        Students making necklaces                                                        A student sorting the types of glass

Personal Narratives
    The students have been working on their personal narratives for many weeks. The personal narratives are about an exciting or important moment in their lives. We are working on "exploding the moment" (adding as many detail as possible).

Winter Party
    You could feel the excitement buzz around the room as the students began their Winter Party. The party was packed with Minute-To-Win-It games and fun crafts. Thanks to all of the volunteers!

Art Literacy: Pablo Picasso
     The students giggled as they constructed their self portraits- Picasso style! We are so lucky to have a wonderful Art Literacy program at Edy Ridge. Thank you to all of the volunteers who make it possible. It's a special time for the kids as they get to apply history to art. 


Wolf Town: Community Simulation
    Each student created his or her own business. The students were in charge of creating products, setting up a store and thinking of creative sales campaigns. 

Spirit Stick: Round 2!
Room 28 was incredibly excited to win the Edy Ridge Spirit Stick for the SECOND TIME! The class is currently learning about doubles in multiplication, so we celebrate by earning double the amount of party beads that the spirit stick typically earns. Great job Room 28! You're wonderful behavior has been recognized by the school!

Building Multiples 
       As we began our multiplication unit we built multiplication trains using blocks. The students began by skip counting and then realized that they can be more efficient by multiplying!

Harvest Party
       THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and behind-the-scene support!! The kids were smiling from ear to ear and could barely contain their excitement! We had a blast.

Community Fair
       Ten community members came to the third grade classes and told the students about different careers. The kids were captivated as our guest speakers described the responsibilities of their jobs!
Computer Programming                                   Superintendent Cordie                                

Real Estate                                         Engineering 

Dentist                                                                  The nurse showed us the importance of washing our hands!!

Art Literacy: Piet Mondrian   
      On Wednesday we ventured down to the Art Room and studied Piet Mondrain. The artist was well known for his use of geometric shapes and primary colors. The third graders focused intensely while painting the beautiful masterpieces. 

Room 28 went all out for Hat Day 

Cozy Class
       The third graders have settled into their routines and are great self-managers. Multiple times a week, students have the opportunity to read on the carpet and use a pillow.

Camp Tilikum
        We spent a full day having a blast at Camp Tilikum!! The kids canoed, rock climbed, learned about farm animals and traveled back in time to experience elementary school in a 1905 school house. We lucked out with beautiful weather and the students all brought great enthusiasm! Below is a class picture- as the sun sparkles in their eyes, a canoeing picture and a picture from the Big Swing. The Big Swing was one of the most anticipated highlights for the third graders! They had the opportunity to soar through the trees and many of their screams and hollers echoed through the forest. 

Fun Run
        Room 28 ran and ran and ran at the Edy Ridge Fun Run. Congratulations to every single student in our room for participating and trying his or her very hardest! We had a blast running with each other and loved the support from the community. The popsicles were an exciting surprise for our runners :) 

Big Spirit Stick!
        Room 28 was recognized by the Edy Ridge Ambassadors for being Safe, Respectful and Responsible at an assembly. The class won the BIG Spirit Stick and gets to hold onto the Big Spirit Stick until the next assemble. The Spirit Stick is decorated in Edy Ridge's school colors. It has silver ribbon right below a massive wolf paw print decoration at the top.  

Keep up the hard work, Room 28!