~Spelling Bee~
Your child will have the opportunity to participate in the Scripps Spelling Bee this year! The first round will take place the week of January 25-29 in the classroom in the form of a written test. To help your child study for the bee, you can visit http://internal.spellingbee.com/files/spellingbee.com/003-2016_Third_Grade_NSB_List.pdf and print out the study list for 3rd grade.

On February 2, the top performer from each class will move on to compete against other 3-5 graders in the final round. The list study list for the school level bee can be found at http://internal.spellingbee.com/files/spellingbee.com/010-2016_School_Spelling_Bee_List_2-pager.pdf . The Edy Ridge winner will have the opportunity to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee in Portland on March 12, 2016!