Slips and strikes started last Monday and we had a great week! If your student received a slip for any reason this week, your child will be bringing home a pink progress report that must be signed and returned on Monday. If your child didn’t receive a pink slip that means he/she did not receive any slips this week!



    Timbers is next Friday (May 20th). Students need to bring a sack lunch OR money to purchase lunch from the concessions stands. Parents should have all received their tickets, don’t forget to bring them. Remind your child to dress appropriately for the weather as we will be outside all day!




   We are looking for parents who would like to volunteer time and/or resources for our Ice Arena party on June 10th. Please email me if you would like to help out and what you are able to help out with. We will need parents to:


8:30: Drive water bottles to the Sherwood Ice Arena

8:30- 9:00: Walk 5th graders to the Sherwood Ice Arena

9:00-9:45: Monitor kids at the Sherwood Ice Arena

9:45-10:30: Monitor kids at the Sherwood Ice Arena

10:30-11:15: Monitor kids at the Sherwood Ice Arena

10:45-11:30: Serving lunch

11:30-12:00: Cleaning up lunch mess and bringing empty pizza boxes back to school to be recycled

11:30-12:00: Walk 5th graders back to Edy Ridge


    We are also looking for families that would like to donate money for our pizza lunch, ($7/pizza), a case of water bottles, and/or napkins or plates, it would be greatly appreciated. You can send your donations to school with your child as early as Friday. Please let me know what you are willing to donate via email and send it with your child ASAP. Thanks so much! We do so many field trips in 5th grade, we wouldn’t be able to do them all without the help and support of our families. So, THANK YOU!


  Thank you for making the time to come to conferences. It was great meeting with you all and discussing the growth your child has made this year. These are always my favorite conferences considering you get to look at the data and see the growth that occurred. Also, the thank you poems, weren’t those amazing? Your kids are awesome!


    Please make sure you are signing your child’s reading log by Friday.   I only check reading log on Fridays, so I will be looking for 200 minutes for tomorrow’s reading log. Remember, kids will get a slip if the reading log isn’t signed. Please check your child’s reading log to make sure it is filled out and signed. Thanks!