Favorite iPad apps

* Edmodo: it’s a website as well as an app.  

Subject: All. We plan to use it to take polls, create our own math problems from the poll’s and to converse with each other about how we are solving problems. Sometimes the teacher will post a morning math problem or pose a question regarding a current event. Students use their iPad to seek information and then share it with one another in written form. They can critique each other’s work and make suggestions to one another. Children can use it to communicate with each other from their homes about their homework, helping one another solve problems. *

* Comic Life

Subject: Writing, integrated with other subjects

We will start out using this to summarize stories. Eventually, children can start writing their own. They can create their own art and use the camera app to take photos and integrate pictures of their classmates with their own drawings. It allows for students to be very creative and can be extremely stimulating. The writing process becomes much more painless and students can write stories when they have free time and students will have a chance to let others read their writing easily. *

* iBooks

Subject: Reading

Books at various levels and abilities. When it’s reading time there’s no shame. No one knows if you’re reading The Magic Tree House or if you’re reading Harry Potter. *

* Scrabble

Subject: Reading

Strengthen vocabulary and pattern recognition. *

* Stack the States

Subject: Social Studies

Strengthen geography skills. *

* Google Drive

Word Processing *

* Tick Baits Universe

Subject: Science *

* Educreations

Subject: ALL *

* Explain Everything

Like Educreations, but much more. *

* Stop Motion *

* Math Tappers - Equivalents, Estimate Fractions, Multiples, Numberline *

* Mystery Math Town*

* Math and Me *

* Math Bingo *

* Book Creator *

* Keynote *

* Essay Starter *

* Voice Record HD/Voice Record Pro *

* State Bingo and Road Trip USA *

* Percent Frenzy*