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Room 30 Newsletters

Room 30 News, 10/5/15

posted Oct 4, 2015, 9:40 AM by Brad Bahns

It’s hard to believe a month of school has already passed! Here is some need-to-know information for the coming weeks.

This year will have a student teacher working in our classroom. His name is Nathan Merlin and he comes to us from Pacific University. From now until late January he will be with us once a week, primarily observing and becoming familiar with the class. From February through March he will leave us to teach at his middle school placement in Beaverton. In April he will return to us full-time for the rest of the school year and will do more teaching at that time. Nathan is currently a Sherwood resident and his fiancé is a teacher in Forest Grove. We are excited to have him in our class!

In addition to the homework log, you have started seeing the math Home Connections coming home as well. These assignments are designed to review what we are doing in class and sometimes will require parent involvement. Feel free to check work and offer suggestions for correction when needed. Usually, those will be due on Fridays along with the homework log.

Remember to check Friday Folders each week. The homework log will be in there along with other timely information. This week you will find information about school pictures which will be held on Thursday.

Finally, I put together a short Fun Run video that you can find on the class website. I didn’t take as many pictures this year due to some rain drops, but we still had fun!

Room 30 News, 9-10-2015

posted Sep 20, 2015, 10:16 AM by Brad Bahns

Room 30 Parents,

Welcome to 4th grade! We are off and running in Room 30. This year, I won’t do a weekly newsletter, but will deliver news and information to you as needed. For this update, there is a lot of information!

Google Accounts/Chromebooks

Students have received their Google accounts and are using them in the classroom on their Chromebooks. Several are asking about logging in at home to continue or complete assignments. Please email me if you need assistance. At this point, I am just having them write down their information to take home and it doesn’t always get transferred successfully. I will provide all parents with login information at Back to School Night. At that time I will able to go in depth about what we are doing in class.


It would be helpful if each student had their own earbuds or headphones to use with their computer. I have some headphones, but it is easier and more sanitary if the students have their own. If you have an extra pair at home or want to buy an inexpensive pair to send to school your child, that would be great!


We will have a snack break every morning. Feel free to send a snack with your child--preferably something that can be eaten in 5 minutes or less. As far as I am aware, we don’t have any restrictions that would cause us to be a peanut-free classroom. Please let me know if this is not the case for your child.

Friday Folder

There is a large amount of important information, forms, etc. in this week’s Friday Folder, so check backpacks for those. My experience has been that Friday Folders get forgotten the first week because we are still getting back into the school routine. Please return the folder and any necessary forms on Monday. This year, there will not be as much student work in the Friday Folders because of the amount of work we do digitally. More on this at Back to School Night!


Friday the 11th, I will assign the first homework log. It will be due the following Friday the 18th. For the most part, students will have a week to complete the homework logs. There will also be occasional math assignments in the Home Connections book.

Bridges 2

Our new math curriculum this year is Bridges 2. It is the updated version of the math program we have been using the past several years--although your child may have experienced a different math program last year depending on their teacher. Attached to this email is information about Unit 1 that we started this week.

Thank you for sending such terrific kids! I can tell already this is a great class. I am looking forward to a great year!

Room 30 News, 9/22/14

posted Sep 22, 2014, 3:15 PM by Brad Bahns


Here is what is happening in Room 30:

Picture Day

School pictures are this Wednesday. The picture packets went home in the Friday folders. Please return those by Wednesday.

Fun Run

The Fun Run was a huge success! The pledge envelopes are now due as soon as all pledges are collected, so return those as soon as you are able. I took lots of pictures and video and compiled it into a class video. It is posted on our class homepage.


We are settling into the homework routine and learning when things need to be turned in. Homework logs will come home in the Friday Folders and need to be returned the following Friday. (Friday Folders need to come back on Mondays.) Occasionally, Home Connections for math will be assigned. This week Home Connection #9 is due on Friday.

Google Classroom

Students can access their Google Classroom accounts from home using their school email accounts. Home access is not a requirement, but some students will want to access work and do homework that way. Let me know if you need help getting your child in.

Back to School Night

Thanks to all who attended Back to School Night last Tuesday. If you were unable to attend, here is a link to my presentation slides.

Have a great week!

Brad Bahns

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