In order to help motivate students to learn their multiplication facts we do a few things:
  • Ice Cream Test:
    • 3 minute, 40 question multiplication test 2 times a week
    • They earn toppings for a real ice cream party. The toppings are listed below as well as the order they will take the tests in:
      • O'S/1'S                    Napkin
      • 2's                            Bowl and Spoon
      • 5's                            Ice Cream
      • 10's                          Chocolate Sauce
      • 3's                            Whipped Cream
      • 4's                            Sprinkles
      • 6's                            Oreos
      • 8's                            Gummy Bears
      • 9's                            MnM's
      • 7's                            Banana
      • 11's                           Caramel Sauce
      • 12's                          Chocolate Sauce
    • If a child does not like an item they earn they do not have to take that item and can substitute it for another one!
    • Goal by end of the year is to pass all of their multiplication fact tests 0-12
    • All the tests are from and each time you go on to create one it formulates a new test. Can be a great way to practice at home!
  • Ways to practice multiplication facts: