Every Friday homework will come home in their homework folder that is separate from their Friday Folder.     

It is expected that the homework is returned by the following Thursday with the homework folder.

Please ask for help if needed, but please remember that this math is very different from how we learned it and sometimes they are asked to pull on skills learned in previous grades! :)

Inside their homework folder you will find strategies for each type of story problem (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as well as key words that story problems use to help determine which of the four types of story problems your child will be solving.

Weekly Requirements:
  • Reading log where the name of the book is recorded, the date, and parent signature
    • Expectation is for students to read on 4 DIFFERENT days for at least 20 minutes
  • Math log where the activity is recorded, the date, and parent signature
    • Expectation is for students to do extra math practice on 3 DIFFERENT days for at least 10 minutes
    • The extra credit math packet can count towards this 10 minutes
    • Other ideas can include: IXL, cribbage, Yahtzee, any game with math, apps with math, in the car you can ask your child what is 2x2?, etc.

Monthly Options:
  • Extra credit math packet that correlates with our current bridges math unit
    • Please note that if your child skips to a page at the back of the packet and is unsure on how to solve the problems, it may be beneficial to wait a few days as we may not have learned the problems on that page yet in math!
    • Also - our math curriculum requires students to use knowledge they have learned across their whole school career.
    • The packet is due at the end of each math unit. Communication on when this due date is will sent home vie email a week prior to the due date.
  • Extra credit bingo worksheet. Tasks can be completed and turned in at the end of the month inside the homework folder
Unfinished Work:
  • Occasionally unfinished work may come home during the week
  • This is to limit time spent staying in from recess and to help ensure your child is able to go to Fun Friday