Unit Three Resources

Module One:

Match whole numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations. Practice with the clear panes or step up the challenge with the windows closed.

Students compare a pair of fractions and must decide if they are equal or if one is great than or less than the other. 

Each bottle of Melvin's potions are mixed up!  Your job is to look at the labels and match the picture to the fraction that shows what the picture on the bottle is labeled.

Module Two:

You are fulfilling ice cream orders...which sounds simple, but the customers are ordering them as improper fractions!!! You must convert the improper fraction to get the right number of scoops on the ice cream cone.

Player one adds togetehr the two fractions provided.  Use equivalent fractions to help or to change improper fractions into mixed numbers.  If the answer is available on the board, place your snowflake token over the answer.  If that answer is not on the board, you have to skip a turn!


Find common denominators to order and compare fractions.