Mouse Book Novel Guides

Students will be reading books together in small groups and answering questions and thinking about the theme and the main idea of the novel as they go.

First Chunk Reading Completion Dates!!!

Tale of Despereaux    Book the First due February 12th

Redwall                     Chapters 1-6 due February 5th

The Mouse and the Motorcycle    Chapters 1-6 due February 5th

Ragweed                    Chapters 1-6 due February 5th

A Mouse Called Wolf         February 1st

Mouse Tales     "the Wishing Well"  February 1st

Nest For Celeste       Chapters 1-6 February 5th

Second Chunk Reading Completion Dates!!!

Redwall        Chapters 7-11   March 18th

The Mouse and the Motorcycle        Chapters 7-9    March 18th

Ragweed            Chapters 7-11     March 18th

A Mouse Called Wolf            Chapters 7-11        March 18th 

Nest for Celeste        Chapters 7-12      March 18th

Tale of Despereaux            Book the Second   March 18th