Welcome to Mrs. Aldinger's Music Room!!
I can be reached at daldinger@sherwood.k12.or.us or 
503-825-5744 or 503-825-
I teach Day 1 at Edy Ridge Elem and Day 2 & 3 at Hopkins Elem

Day 1 - @Edy Ridge:Karlson, Walker, Evonuk, Degregorio, Lehfeldt, Paladichuk, Donahue/Machan, Eckart, Ayres, Christensen
Day 2 -@Hopkins: Hummel, Nordstrom, Gregory, Knapp, Bassich, Hanson, Himmelright, Carver/Strutz, Hong, Tipton 
Day 3 -@ Hopkins: Henderson, Smith, McCusker, Prescott, Conrad, Brennan, Self, Cortelyou/Derry, Bennett, Scrivner

Day 1-2-3 Calendar 2018-2019

 2018-2019 Music Performances & Events

Thurs, Apr 25 - 1st Grade Concert
Tues, Feb 26 - 6:30pm -  2nd Grade Concert
Wed, Apr 176:30 - 3rd Grade Concert

Edy Ridge: 
Tues, Apr 23 - 1st Grade Concert
Thurs, Mar 7 - 6:30pm -  2nd Grade Concert
Tues, Apr 96:30 - 3rd Grade Concert

Choir (Hopkins & Edy Ridge):

Tues, Dec 11 - lv @ 8:15am Edy Ridge Choir to Salem Cap & Madrona Hills
Tues, Dec 18 - lv @ 8:45am Hopkins Choir to Salem Capitol
& Hidden Lakes
Tues, Dec 18 - 6:30pm - Winter Choir Concert
(both Edy Ridge & Hopkins Choirs)
Wed, Dec 19 - 9:00am Edy Ridge Choir All School Assembly
Wednesday,  Mar 20 - 6:30pm All District Choral Festival @ SHS
Tues, Apr 30 - 6:30pm - Spring Choir Concert
Wed, May 1  - 9:00am-1:30pm - Choir Local Concerts/Party

"Handel's "Water Music"

"Igor Stravinsky "The Firebird Suite"
Sergei Prokofiev "Peter and the Wolf"
"Peter Tchaikovsky

"1812 Overture' by Military Band

Fun Music Sites:

PBS Music Games
Music Dictionary
Fun Note Name Game
Beginning Treble Clef Note Game
Advanced Treble Clef Note Game
Note Name Game (easy to advanced levels)
Instruments of the Orchestra
Rhythm Name Game

Parent Links
10 Reasons Kids Benefit from Music Education
Music Builds Smarter Kids Research
National Music Standards

Assessment & Grading

VPA Strings/Orchestra 
Wednesdays 3:45-5pm
Sherwood Senior Center


Hopkins Choir begins Tuesday, Sep 25
Rehearsals will be 2:20-3:15pm Tuesday afternoons.
All 4th and 5th grade students are invited 
to be musical ambassadors for Hopkins Elementary
and be part of "The Singing Hawks"

Edy Ridge Choir begins Tuesday, Oct 2 
Rehearsals will be 7-7:45am Tuesday mornings.
All 4th and 5th grade students are invited 
to be musical ambassadors for Edy Ridge 
and be part of "Howling in Harmony"
Edy Ridge Choir Registration Form 2018-2019

 Choir Registration Form 
2018-2019 Choir Performances At-A-Glance
Tues, Dec 11 - Edy Ridge Choir to:
9:30-10am Salem Capitol
10:30-11:15amMadrona Hills Retirement Community

Tues, Dec 18 - Hopkins Choir to:
10-10:30am  Hidden Lakes Retirement Community
11-11:30am Salem Capitol

Tues, Dec 18 - 6:30pm - Winter Choir (both Edy Ridge & Hopkins) Concert @ Hopkins Elementary/Stage

Wed, Dec 19 - 9:00am Edy Ridge Choir All School Assembly

Wednesday,  Mar 20 - 6:30pm All District Choral Festival @ SHS
Tues, Apr 30 - 6:30pm - Spring Choir Concert
Wed, May 1  - 9:00am-1:30pm - Choir Local Concerts/Party

All 4th and 5th grade student recorders 
during music class this year. 
Recorders can be purchased ($5.50 or borrowed
5th grade students have the option (not required) 
of also purchasing an Alto Recorder ($17.50)
Recorder Order Form

Recorder Ground Rules

Soprano Recorder Finger Chart

Alto Recorder   Alto Fingering Chart

Easy Songs to Play on Recorder

Hot Cross Buns:   B A G Z / B A G Z / GGGG AAAA /B A G Z

Rain Rain Go Away:   G E/ GG E / GGEA/ GG E

Ice Age:  A-  A- /GGGGG- /E- E- /EE  EE  Z/

We Got This In the Bag (music to play with)

How to Make a Carrot Recorder

Meet ALL the Recorders (Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass)

Star Spangled Banner - Words & Music

Do you have the Perfect 'Minion' Singing Posture?
Are you using your HEAD VOICE?
Solfege Hand Signs
Solfege Video

Baby Sings in 'Head Voice" with Mommy

Barred Instruments
Listen to Balafon
Listen to Mbira Jam

~Glockenspiels (little bells)
~Xylophones (wood)
~Bass Bars (or Contra Bars)

YouTube Video

~Tubanos     ~Ngoma     ~Djembe     ~Talking Drum
~Buffalo Drum     ~Bongos     ~Gankogui     ~Shekere
~(Cow)Bell     ~Claves     ~Maraca     ~Guiro


Dulcimer Demo Muisck8.mp4

Backyard Music - Dulcimer K

Simple Dulcimer Chords


YouTube Video

YouTube Video



Imperial March

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